Covid 19 Updates

Our District meeting are in person on the first Wednesday of each month. Hopefully we will not need to update this Covid Updates page but it will remain here just in case. Contact Us for more information.

District 23 Meetings on SEPIA Web Site and Meeting App Please Check Your Meeting For Accuracy and If it is listed as Active or Suspended.

Meeting Status Update Form or Call phone: (215) 923-7900

As we move forward with re-opening our groups we can share our experience and ensure we do our part to reach the still sick and suffering alcoholics in a safe responsible manner. There are many people in our community who have fallen into the clutches of full blown alcoholism in this pandemic shut down and will be scared at best to reach out to us for help. Lets do our part to make our fellowship the safe haven it has been for so many despite current conditions. Our Primary Purpose Is To Reach the Still Sick and Suffering!

It’s not about us going to meetings
It’s About Us being there for the New Comer.

GSO Letter May 2020 7th Tradition

Reopening Groups Area 59

Reopening Groups Area 48 Ad Hoc (Helpful Information)

A Letter from our General Service Office About Corona Virus and AA Meetings

Grapevine and La Viña Are Here to Help…. 2020 Issues & Audio FREE On-Line

Shareable link of readings for On-Line Meetings Preamble How It Works Promises etc.

On-Line & Telephone Meeting Information

For our members of high risk or those who want to avoid face to face meetings there is an abundance of online and telephone meetings.

Philadelphia Area Online Meetings

District 23 On-Line Meetings

 Worldwide Online Meetings 

Phone Meetings

In addition to these there are meetings listed from other areas when online you can attend meetings anywhere from the convince of your home.

Tips For Starting and Participating
Zoom On-Line Meetings

Before attending or creating new Zoom meetings take a look at these guidelines for protecting our anonymity.

New Zoom Protection Tips (from NYIA)


The digital 7th tradition practices was written on the A.A. Intergroup of SF & Marin

Setting Up Online Meetings: Help! Google HangOut, Zoom, Phone and More
Very well written with illustrations from Inter-Group Association of A.A. of New York

If you have access to other quality on-line resources contact us. If your group in SE Pennsylvania has started an on-line meeting be sure to inform SEPIA.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.