Questions About Bill W’s Writings Changes

Should we change Bill Wilson's Writings in our literature

To the Alcoholics Anonymous Groups of Eastern Pennsylvania,
I would like to invite and encourage your participation in the 66th annual Eastern Pennsylvania General Service Assembly. The Convention/Assembly will take place November 10th-12th in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Full details can be found at Each A.A. Group has a responsibility to participate in the general service structure, and this is no small responsibility. The will of our fellowship can only be known to the extent that Groups participate and use their voice. Area 59 will hold an assembly at 8:45 AM on Saturday, November 11th during the Convention weekend. We would love to see and hear representation from each group in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Should we change Bill Wilson's Writings in our literature

The main topic of discussion will be about collecting suggestions for a potential procedure that the General Service Conference would follow when proposals are made to change any of Bill W’s writings. The sharing session will consist of a few questions for the Groups to consider and offer their input. One representative of each group is welcome to speak on behalf of their Group, usually the Group’s General Service Representative or GSR. Our General Service Board Trustee’s Literature Committee is seeking Group input on the following questions. Please discuss these in your Group and provide input for your GSR or Group representative to bring to the sharing session at the EPGSA Convention/Assembly.

  1. Should suggested revisions to Bill W’s. writings be subjected to a longer Conference review process?
    How much time should be given to consider these proposals? 1 year? 2 years? More?
  2. Should any future suggested changes retain the original writing with footnotes for text being updated or should founder’s writings remain unchanged?
  3. Should there be a threshold for review (group, district, area)?
  4. Should the changes to the book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions by 2021 General Service Conference remain?
  5. Should a new policy regarding Bill W.’s writings be created as a guide to future changes?

The feedback that is received at this special sharing session, along with our Pre-Conference sharing session (to be held April 2024) will become part of my understanding for Area 59’s collective conscience on this matter, which I will carry with me to the 74th General Service Conference.
Thank you for your commitment to the service.
Pete B.
Delegate Panel 73, Area 59

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