Box 459 Quarterly News Bulletin from GSO

Box 459 is a quarterly news bulletin from the U.S./Canada General Service Office. This newsletter includes information about A.A. service, literature, events, sharing from groups, service committees and individual U.S./Canada A.A. members.

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ASL Big Book Arrives Vol. 65, No. 4 / Winter 2019
Since the last American Sign Language Big Book and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions were produced over 15 years ago, members of the Fellowship who are Deaf have expressed to G.S.O. that it might be time to undertake a re-translation of both books to keep them up to date. The result is that the ASL Big Book DVD is now available.

Box 459 Fall 2019 Our Meeting Guide App

The Meeting Guide App Vol. 65, No. 3 / Fall 2019
This is the first installment of a new Box 4-5-9 series on the technology that is changing the way Alcoholics Anonymous communicates to suffering alcoholics and interacts with its members.

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Box 459 Summer 2019

Come Celebrate A.A.’s 85th Birthday in Detroit, Michigan Vol. 65, No. 2 / Summer 2019
It’s the perfect match — a resurgent and revitalized city of historic importance to Alcoholics Anonymous and an estimated 50,000 celebrating A.A.s from around the world.

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Box 459 Spring 2019

Our Great Responsibility: Rediscovered Wisdom from A.A.’s Co-Founder Vol. 65, No. 1 / Spring 2019
During the course of 20 General Service Conferences, Bill W. gave more than 33 talks, 16 of which are now gathered in the new book Our Great Responsibility: A Selection of Bill W.’s General Service Conference Talks, 1951–1970, which is scheduled for publication in early May 2019.

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Box 459 Winter 2018

The Only Requirement… Vol. 64, No. 4 / Winter 2018
The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking. This is perhaps one of the most inclusive statements ever made by an organization — and one that is lifesaving for alcoholics caught in the deadly grip of their disease.

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